Life Membership

Policy: Life Membership – Eligibility Criteria and Process.
Purpose: This policy establishes the eligibility criteria and outlines the process for granting Life
Membership at the Melton Table Tennis Club.
Scope: This policy specifically applies to Life Membership at the Melton Table Tennis Club.
Input: The criteria for Life Membership will be determined by the Committee, elected at the
previous Annual General Meeting (AGM).
Process Flow:

  1. Nomination for Life Membership of the Melton Table Tennis Club, must be
    submitted to a current member of the Melton Table Tennis Committee by 30
    June prior to an Annual General Meeting held later in the year.
  2. Nomination for Life Membership of the Melton Table Tennis club must be
    submitted in writing and provide detailed information on how the nominee
    meets the criteria for Life Membership. Specific examples of their work and
    achievements must be included.
  3. The Life Member nominee must be nominated and seconded by a current
    financial member.
  4. Criteria for consideration:
  • A minimum of 10 years in specific roles which resulted in significant
    progress of the Melton Table Tennis Club.
  • The nominee must have made an outstanding contribution in at least
    one of the specified areas and a contribution in one of the other three
    areas. These roles may include, but not be restricted to:
    ➢ Playing
    ➢ Coaching /Managing
    ➢ Service on Committee
    ➢ General Contribution in a volunteer capacity. (fund-raising,
  1. The Committee will review the Life Membership nomination during a scheduled
    meeting, discussing and voting on the validation of the criteria being met
  2. The President of the Melton Table Tennis Club will inform both the nominee
    and nominator about the outcome of the nomination before the Annual
    General Meeting.
  3. The nominated individual must confirm their acceptance of the Life
    Membership nomination in writing. Without the nominee’s acceptance, the
    nomination will be considered invalid and the process will not proceed.
  4. Successful nominees will receive confirmation of their Life Membership status
    during the Annual General Meeting.
  5. A Life Membership certificate will be presented to the successful Life
    Membership during the Melton Table Tennis Club’s presentation night.
  6. A maximum of two Life Memberships will be endorsed in any one year.
  7. Members who achieve Life membership will have their season fees waived for
    the duration of their time at Melton Table Tennis.